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The Trinity Concept. In some way shape or form it exists in every multiverse. The DC Universe has it in the form of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. Some would say the Marvel Universe's Trinity is Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, or the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four. Usually the aspects are hope, love, and justice.

In the alternate reality of Mainstream CCXXXVII, that Trinity is about to be formed...

And so it goes. After the first season of "'The Black Widow' Oseiko," we'll go a slightly different route, focusing on the Seiginotora Trinity; not only will Oseiko remain in the forefront, but the Louisiana Cat-Girl, Pagan, will be returning as a main character, and Jeanne d'Arc will be added in as well. The idea is that I'll be able to interchange around the three heroines in certain stories; it could be an Oseiko solo story, or a solo story for either Jeanne or Pagan, or a team up with Oseiko and Jeanne, or Oseiko and Pagan, or Pagan and Jeanne, or all three will be involved. This should be good news for some of you who love Pagan, and with the addition to Jeanne in the mix, it shall make for some very interesting stories.

What do you think? :)
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Here's the plan going into chapter seven of "'The Black Widow' Oseiko once chapter six is wrapped up. There will be a hiatus in-between chapters while I write the script and work on panels, so I can update the webcomic on a Monday through Friday basis. Keep in mind that this is merely an experiment to see if I can handle such a schedule, because I'd like to churn out updates faster and ensure that there's continue interest in the webcomic. After all, I'm telling a story and I wanna make sure all y'all are entertained enough. :)

However, there will not be inactivity.

I've created a small universe that I just happened to plop Oseiko into and I want to explore that universe and its diverse characters. I have ideas that pop in everyso often, such as...

1. Is there a connection between "The Blue Wasp" Naomi Mizuhana and the infamous Russian Sleep Experiment, since she doesn't sleep?
2. What's the connection between Jeanne d'Arc and this reality's President and Vice President of the United States?
3. Who are the rest of the members of the Secret?
4. Is there something... intimate... between "The Revenant" Shaed Bloodgrave and Jeanne d'Arc?
5. What has Kamakiri and Arana been up to other than training?
6. Is Sadie Warren... haunted...?

That sorta thing. I'm sure I can come up with some side-notes, and if anyone is interested in other ideas I'm sure I can squeeze 'em in before chapter seven. :)

So yeah, IF YOU GOT SHORT STORY IDEAS LET ME KNOW. I'd be interested in what you wanna see happen. :)
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So the question is...

If there's anything about "The Black Widow, Oseiko" that could stand to be improved upon, what would it be?

This is an open critique of the webcomic thus far; I'd like to try to improve upon it, if I can.

Have at it, gang!
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Cast your vote in, gang!!
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We’re almost at the middle of the Friday the 13th crossover with Oseiko squaring off against Jason. And while I wanna do more crossover stories with other characters, I feel I wanna explain why I’m doing these crossovers to begin with.

First off, I mean no ill will towards using characters I kinda don’t have permission to use. These crossovers with characters like Jason or Batman or what have you are, at best, glorified fan fiction. As it pertains to Oseiko’s story, they’re considered semi-canon; it’s like the Spawn/Batman crossover where at the end Batman throws a Batarang into Spawn’s face, and for a good part of the series Spawn has his face tied together with a shoelace, explaining that a “man in black” did it to him. It’s kind of like that. For Oseiko it happened, but she and others won’t go into exact detail about it. Cameos (like the cloaked Predator in the Waystation) are also good, but odds are we may see that Predator again down the road in another semi-canon adventure.

Ultimately though, I want to do collaborations with other webcomic creators out there and create canon (or again, semi-canon) adventures with Oseiko teaming up with the MCs of their stories. I can’t help but imagine how a meeting with KrazyKrow’s Spinnerette would go, or meeting up with Van Heist’s Gogo Bomango. Or maybe, somehow (with Jeanne’s powers there’s always a way) teaming up with Discorded Whooves, which would be very interesting to say the least.


Overall, the main focus I’m doing crossovers is that I’m getting practice on how to write these characters Oseiko is interacting with. I want to keep them in-characters as I can get them but at the same time put a little twist into it all; I got ideas brewing when it comes to Jason, for example, and what I have in mind, I hope, will have life long fans go “ahh okay, he’d probably do that.”

Or they may throw a pitchfork or ten into my face, I dunno. :p

Ultimately I hope I do these characters justice. Because someday I may actually make it big into the comics industry (that’s the plan anyhow) and I wanna get on the ground up when it comes to writing these iconic characters. And what better way to do that than here?

Just wanted to let everyone know what my mindset is. I hope everyone would understand, and if you have any questions, please don’t be shy… let me know! And I will be happy to ask questions.

I want to learn. I want to grow. I want to be better at my craft. But I can’t do it without input from those who are reading my stories.

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This is only to remind myself, mostly. Also maybe someone than myself might commission one of these artists to do a pic of my gal, "The Black Widow" Oseiko, down the road.


:iconannria2002: :icontheinsanedarkone: :iconteh-dave: :icontran4of3: :iconshoxxe: :iconagu-fungus: :iconbocodamondo: :icongb2k: :iconatomic-chinchilla: :iconkrazykrow: :iconlordcoyote: :iconmetamine10: :iconpaolapieretti: :iconpia-sama: :iconzabzarock: :iconyuraofthehairfan: :iconuotapo:

This list may grow if I find (or remember) an artist who catches my eye. Just thought I'd share. :)
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Come check out the ongoing webcomic series starring professional wrestling ninja, "The Black Widow" Oseiko, as she fights for what's right in and out of the ring. It's a bit of an homage of the old movies featuring the luchador legend El Santo; if you haven't seen them yet, do so. They're campy, but fun; one was even riffed by the MST3K gang. You may even see some familiar faces from the past... like a certain Louisiana Cat-Girl. 

Give it a read, I'm updating it every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. Hopefully I won't disappoint. :)

EDIT: I've opened up a Patreon account, because some of the Daz/Poser props I need to help forward the story aren't cheap. And on top of that my hours at work are cut since the holiday season is over... ¬.¬;

Anyhow, here's my Patreon account. If you can pitch in please do. Please send support to my poor struggling webcomic and credit will indeed be made out to you for contributing. And I'll see what I can do about special bonuses too; I just have to figure out what those might be... ^^;

UPDATE: The "Season One" OP is finally done! Twenty days of rendering!

Enjoy! :D
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I've officially created a Patreon account in the hopes that people who're reading Oseiko's story will help me in building the universe around her. And if all goes well, who knows what else this may entail for not only her, but for those around her as well. :) 

Stay tuned. 
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My ongoing series is still going strong with the 20th page posted tonight. There will be surprises and guest stars and a lot of action and drama around the horizon. I was just wondering if anyone up in dA is following the story. And if so, if anyone's got any questions or whatnot. :)

Reply up in here if you like. ^^
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It’ll remain open for two weeks. :) At the eleventh twelfth page Oseiko herself will answer these questions. Ask about her past, her present, or her future. If you’re an AES Bro, feel free to ask questions as one of your characters. Or not, it’s up to you. :) Just keep in mind; as it pertains to the AES, Oseiko’s adventures here are semi-noncanon, so they really have no bearing on storylines going on in the AES. Just sayin’…

Anyhow, feel free to ask away, and let’s have some fun. :)

Shut up, Vince. :p
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... and you’re probably wondering why. Well, that’s a very good question.

The answer is that, sadly, I’m kinda burned out on Pagan now. I want to move on to something else and mostly due in part to my involvement with the AES, I wanted to focus on “The Black Widow” Oseiko, another one of my older characters, whom has been around since the old video game, WWF Attitude, where she was first created from.


Ever since then, she has grown and she has evolved into, in my opinion, a pretty complex character. And I think she has a lot of potential. So as it pertains to her Tumblr, I want to take it into a certain direction, akin to the old movies where lucha legends like El Santo and Blue Demon fought Dracula and the Wolf Man (yes, those movies existed). Canon from the AES but not entirely canon, serious but not entirely serious, Oseiko’s exploits out of the ring should reflect that. Crossovers would be possible too, with Oseiko teaming up with other characters in a neverending battle against evil. And then there’s her own past as well... the fact that Oseiko has already had a pretty hard life. And it’s only going to get harder from here on out. Have no fear though; the Pagan/Oseiko crossover I have planned is still in the works. It’s just that after that, Oseiko’s taking over the reigns as the main character.


That’s the direction I want to take this Tumblr. I’m out to tell a story and to have some fun doing it. And it should be something. :) So stay tuned, True Believers.

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Okay. So long story short, I suck at finances. =p I need to stop sucking at finances so I can't give out free requests for a while. You know what that means... so here we go.

Backgrounds: $10
Scenes: $20, $10 per each additional character

Renders are usually my bag, but if you want me to draw, I can do that too; I just haven't done it all that much. ^^; My only rule is that what I do has to be up to PG-13. Nudity's okay but no straight up sex scenes.

And that's the long and short of it, kids.

UPDATE: It's always something with me... plans are in the works for me to move soon and I need to save money for that. So yeah... commissions are STILL up and open. At least until I can get a suitable buffer prepared. Is buffer the right word? I dunno... tl;dr: I need money to plan towards the future and I'm willing to work for it. So there ya go.
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I've been thinking lately... and I think Pagan needs a reboot. To help root her more into reality. To make her more realistic. Well, as realistic as a fur-covered cat-girl from the swamps could be anyhow. And here's what I got thus far.


Pagan is a bit more feral than she normally is. Having lived in the swamps for nearly her whole life (and she's lived a long time) she can be a little rough around the edges. She's slow to trust humans because the majority of them have been hunting her for a while, but those she does trust she keeps at arm's length. That's not to say she won't have any companions because she'll need them. But this version of Pagan is more of an animal than she ever was. She'll even roll her r's, like a cat might if it could talk.

Also gone is the costume, weapons, and martial arts skills. This version of Pagan has never met her human teachers, and thus never learned how to use guns or blades or how to fight like a leopard. In reality she doesn't need any of those things because she's extremely fierce and strong and fast anyway. She can figure out how to use such weapons if she needs to use them, but all in all, her primary weapons will always be her claws and her fangs. She still wears clothing out of common courtesy towards any humans who're lucky enough to call her friend, but it's a simple outfit. What's pictured here is still a work in progress; I need to get wraps for her legs and I may or may not add something ornamental, maybe some teeth for a necklace. And since I'm braving into Daz 4.6 soon I'll need a dynamic cloak so I can finally be able to drape it around her so she can hide herself a bit more around humans. But that's in the future. Also, no more ponytail; her long mane of brown hair will be unkempt for the world to see.

Her encounter with cryptids is primary. This includes creatures we know as cryptids as well as the creepypastas of the Internet and monsters past and present. I might keep it at that; we'll still see the likes of Medusa and the Sisterhood of the Gorgon, but I'm debating on whether I should include Jeanne d'Arc and her rogues' gallery or keep them separate from the Paganverse, give them all their own story. We'll see.


Pagan, despite her animalistic, almost reclusive personality, will still remain a heroic figure. If someone is in trouble she won't hesitate to help; her primary backstory of being raised by the gunslinger Casey McCormic will remain, so her sense of justice will be a wild one, so to speak. Protect the innocent and punish the guilty... with extreme prejudice, if it comes to it. Human companions will still factor into her life, though I'm not sure who will be the first one, going into the reboot. It might be David Raven's Wing once again, though I may leave that up to you guys as to who might be her first companion; David? Mina? Carin? Someone new? We'll see.

Anyhow, that's about it so far. I am always open for ideas; if you got any input into what I'm planning and got ideas on how to further root Pagan into reality, let me know either on my deviantART site, Tumblr, or my Facebook. I am always willing to listen and see what I can do to make Pagan look and feel almost like she really could exist out there...

Stay tuned, true believers. :)

Way too much time on my hands. :p
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Welp, it's official. The headcanon of The 18th (my long-standing fanfic series about an alternate Dragonball/Z/GT reality where Android #18 was the champion in place of Goku) has misfired.

Things were certainly going downhill when Akira Toriyama revealed Goku's mom as... not Taanipu, but an entirely new Saiyan female named Gine. But now The 18th is truly no more, what with the reveal of the Androids' real names...

Cliff notes version, and there's spoilers... but in The 18th, I revealed that Seventeen and Eighteen (Sev and Teena to their friends) were the grandchildren of Dr. Klaus Gero; their real names being Seth and Kristina Gero. SHOCK! GASP!! WHAT A SURPRISE I NEVER SEEN IT COMING!!!

Buuuuuuuuuuuuut, Toriyama-senpai has officially declared it otherwise; #17's real name is actually Lapis, and #18's real name is Lazuli. And if you're wondering what kind of reference that is...…

... so yeah. It's over. The 18th had a good run. But I gotta abide by the original creator's will. I respect Toriyama too much not to.

The 18th is officially no more.

Just cancelled my deviantART subscription for this stunt they pulled...…

... and no, I will not accept any subscription boosts. deviantART should NOT get any more money from me or anyone else. I won't terminate my account to dA, though; through dA I have made my fair share of fans and friends and I wouldn't want to do that to any of you. You guys are the reason I keep doing what I do.

But still... dA, what you and Hot Topic did is really not cool. And you need to own up for what you did.

That's the long and short of it.
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Last year, the Wizard World Comic Con snuck up on me. This year I knew it was coming... however... I can't afford to go this year. :cries:

... unless I get some help.

So... yeah, let's see what we can do. :) Rules are simple; $20 for one character, $10 extra for each additional character. Usually it's renders but if I gotta dust off the drawing skills I'll do it. Also, I'm a bit limited by what I got in my Runtime, but I'll do my best.

I will repay everyone with photos I'll post on my Facebook. Oh, and whatever pics I'm doing, too. :)

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There is a hacker will be going around and post pornographic pictures to your gallery or on your page, including a male's nether regions (please explain this part); that is if he hacks your account. If he finds that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll know you know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account from being hacked. THIS IS NO JOKE.

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You can defend yourself by copying this to your journal. Because of an hidden message, which won't allow her to hack your account: 
This code keeps her from hacking your account.

May this hacker get hacked to death! Stabbed in the gut, just like Jack the Ripper!